The lifespan of cats compared to humans

The lifespan of cats compared to humans

When they ask us about The lifespan of cats compared to humans and we answer, often we are unable to extrapolate this data to a cat-man relationship.

We all think a year for a human being equals 7 for a cat, but recent studies on the topic have partly changed that equivalence because domestic cats live longer.

The life expectancy of cats is expected to continue to rise, provided the animals are given veterinary attention, care from their owners, and an appropriate diet.

The basic relationship we can apply is the following:

  • A two-year-old cat equals a 21-year-old human.
  • From the age of two, every year a cat increases, they are equivalent to four humans.

Thus, a 5-year-old cat would be 33 years old in human life. To get to this calculation, we must add 21 years for a two-year-old cat, and the remaining three years for a cat, which equals four people. That is 21 human years, plus 12 human years (by multiplying three by four).

Do you already know how old your cat is?

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