Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese cat

Tonkinese cat is a cross breed: Siamese cat and Burmese cat. Today, we will learn all about this unique breed and why it has become so popular almost all over the world. The origin of the Tonkinese cat This union of breeds originated in the 1960s, when Siamese and Burmese cats were combined. In 1930, …

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How To Raise Cats

baby cat

If you’ve ever adopted a kitten, you’ve probably wondered how cats are raised. The good news is that a cat is a very intelligent animal and that it learns new habits in a very short time. In fact, with a little urgency, cats can absorb commands sooner than a small dog. As if that wasn’t …

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Persian Cat

persian cat

When we think of a Persian cat, this beauty of elegance and naturally exuding excellence comes to mind. Shirazi Cat as it is called in Iran have a special effect, perhaps characteristic, sometimes arrogant, but they will never leave us indifferent. Stay and get to know them better, we break down all their qualities below. …

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