Egyptian cat sphynx

egyptian pharaonic cat sphynx

The pharaonic cat, or Sphynx, produces fascination and curiosity. Weird, rare, beautiful … even looking like an alien, they have come to identify a breed of cat that is distinguished by the “absence” of hair. We will know the most unusual things about this type of cat because, despite its appearance, we find it to …

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How long do cats breastfeed ?

cats breastfeed

Cats belong to the animal class of mammals, so it is defined as a group of vertebrate animals whose fetus, provided with a placenta, develops (naturally) inside the mother’s body and the offspring are fed on the mother’s milk through the breast, from birth. That is, feeding the kittens is necessary. But for how long? …

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The Power of Probiotics For Cats

The Power of Probiotics For Cats

[ad_1] the advantages of feeding probiotics to our feline friends scan Caption Featured picture metamorworks/ | light bulb inset illustration Dmitrynew83/ Did you recognize that your cat has billions of microscopic troopers parading around within her, most of them in her gut? Well, they’re truly friendly microorganisms, however, their job is the same—to defend against …

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