Japanese Cat Names And Their Meanings

Japanese cat

Why look for Japanese cat names. Japan is a country that loves cats. It is an animal very present in its folk culture, and it holds a favored position in terms of its merits. From Maneki Neko or lucky cat to Hello Kitty, curious cat islands, or well-known cat cafes, Japan and Cats is a story of respect and affection that we must learn from.

Japanese cat names

If you love the oriental and its essence, it is not uncommon that you love Japanese cat names and that you are thinking of finding a name that could be the favorite of your cat or cat. Here you will find it.

The Japanese language is very special if you take into account that every word can express a feeling, which is a much more complex concept.

This is a summary of the most common in Japan, but if you continue reading below, you will discover several Japanese cat names and their meaning:

Japanese female cat namesEiki, Reiko, Noa, Miyuki, Maemi, Akemi, Kira, Kata, Hikaru, Kasumi, Akemi, Hanako 
Japanese male cat namesAkito, Haruhi , Hiroto, Kazuo, Miku, Momo, Sorato, Yakumo, Yoshito
Weird Japanese cat namesSakamoto, Kaonashi, Okkoto, Sora, Orochi, Kimiko, Choko, Akira, Keiko 

Japanese cat names for female

Here we suggest a list of Japanese cat names that are inspired and related to femininity, positivity, beauty, and nature… that you will definitely love. Which do you choose?

Akiko  Bright girlAki Bright
Aiko Daughter of loveAkiraWho shine
Asami Good MorningAiriJasmine love
Ayame irisAsuka Perfume and smell
Ceiko Gorgeous daughterAyano Beautiful color
Chika Scattered flowersChieko Daughter of wisdom
Chiyoko Son of a thousand generationsChiyo Thousands of generations
Emiko Pretty girlEmi Pretty blessing
Etsuko Joy daughterEri Pool
Hanako Flower Girl Hanako Beautiful Flower HanaHana Beautiful Flower
Haruna Spring vegetablesHaruSpring
Hina Bright vegetablesHikari Light, glow
Honoka Harmonious flowerHiromi Beauty
Katsumi Victorious BeautyIzumi Spring
Kimi NobleKazumi Harmonious beauty
Mai Circle danceMadoka Round
Maiko Daughter DanceMaki Real Hope
Masumi True ClarityManami Love Beautiful
Mayumi Cute beautyMariko Village girl
Mieko Beautiful Blessed GirlMidoriGreen

Japanese Male Cat Names

Looking for one for your male cat,. Here you will find Japanese anime cat names and even Japanese myths.

Akio Shining manAkemi Shining Autumn
Ayumu OpinionArata Awesome
Fumio World ChampionDaiki Power
Hikaru The light, the glowHaruto Sun raise
Hiroki Big TreeHiro Cream
Ichiro First sonHiroyuki Wonderful journey
Kaito Ocean JourneyJiro Second Son
Kichiro Lucky sonKatashi Foundation
Masato A fair manMakoto Faithful
Michio Man on JourneyMichi Path

If you are looking for more names, you may be interested Best male cat names and their meanings

The Japanese, Japan and cats

The Japanese language is spoken in the world by more than 130 million people and is the ninth most spoken language.

Indeed, this language is mainly spoken in Japan and its islands, but there are a lot of Japanese living in countries like the United States, Brazil, and Korea…so it is a language that crosses borders.

But they all have one thing in common, which is their closeness and love for cats, something they have learned in their culture and way of life. The cat symbolizes the sacred mystical protection. Also, the good that will come.

Therefore, giving your cat a Japanese name can be the start of something great. Maybe it’s a good idea.

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