How To Start An Online Shop And Get Sales On Day 1

Configure email marketing automation

Setting up email marketing automation is not an advertising tactic – it’s part of setting up an online store. An online store is much more than just a few pages with shopping buttons.

Your automation setup has identifiable lists and segments so you don’t send emails to people who shouldn’t receive them. For example, if an abandoned shopping cart has turned into a purchase, that person shouldn’t receive constant reminders about abandoned shopping carts.

The best tools I have used for this are Conversio and Klaviyo.

Get a pre-purchase order

The goal is to convert and make a sale. You should have 3-5 designated emails that greet potential customers and make them want to buy from you.

Try to build trust in the first email greeting as well, and an offer can be very helpful in motivating a customer to buy from you.

If they don’t use it, remind them after a while about the offer, convince them with social proof and send the offer again. You don’t have to do this, but it’s a strong starting point.

Do it on time – don’t bombard them with ten emails in one day. It also sounds human. This is important to convert everyone you send your emails to.

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