How To Start An Online Shop And Get Sales On Day 1

Creating sales funnels

A sales funnel is a pathway/buying process that you direct to your store visitors to encourage them to make a purchase. You need one – FB advertising is not enough.

Below are two sample sales funnels you can use as a starting point. Remember that you can combine them. For example, you can post FB ads on your blog content as well as on your landing pages.

Set up your sales zone models before launching your store. It’s more than just uploading products and running ads. You can’t rely on shoppers’ browsing behavior to make sales. Focus your energy on creating working drum models. There should be no friction in your funnel; it should be smooth and easy.

Find ideas for your drum product offerings; you can look at your competitors’ sites for inspiration. You can add a viral element, such as sharing on social media to get a discount – this will bring more people to your online store.

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