How To Start An Online Shop And Get Sales On Day 1

Map your content to the buyer’s journey

Focus your keywords on moving people along the buyer’s journey. To do this, you need to do some research. The keywords your audience is searching for will help you understand what content they want to see.

Regardless of the volume of keywords, you can get more conversions than chasing large volumes if you can capture the intent behind the search in your content. The people who come into contact with your brand are at different stages of awareness. Some aren’t even aware of the problem – they’re completely unaware of it. Others are in one of these stages:

  • Problem Aware
  • Aware of the solution
  • Aware of the product
  • Most aware

The most knowledgeable are the easiest to convert because they are looking for your brand or product. The lesson you should learn is that no matter where your prospects are, your content should capture their interest and engage them.

You need to capture the right content and the right modifiers for your marketing journey.

When you start an online store, no one knows about your solution or your brand, so you need to focus on the top of the funnel. Check out how keyword modifiers can be mapped to the buyer’s journey.

Informative: how, what, why, etc.

Research: brands, types, benefits

Evaluation: best, top, comparison

Transactional: purchase, offer, discount.

Also, prepare for people who have bought from you. It is cheaper to keep them than to acquire new customers. This is where email automation and retargeted ads are useful. Optimize your content for cross-selling/up-selling after purchase and for getting reviews. Don’t forget about those who don’t buy from you after a while. I’ve explained more in the email automation section of this article.

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