How To Start An Online Shop And Get Sales On Day 1

Test transactions in real time

Make sure you have remarketing in place, focus on funnels, and make sure you have good ad copy and images. Mediocre content will get you nowhere. Go to your competitors’ sites and spy on their ads to see what they offer.

Advertising through Facebook is more than just knowing how to open and create accounts. Always make sure your personas and targeting are in order. This is a legitimate way to get people to want more from you after seeing your ad.

Instagram marketing

68% of users engage with brands on Instagram compared to 32% on Facebook. It has one of the highest ROIs on social media. Hashtags help you get people who don’t know you to notice your presence. You can see that stories are very important right now.

  • Constantly post photos on Instagram (twice a day).
  • Make at least 2 stories a week
  • Add a link to your sales funnel in your bio
  • Find legitimate influencers that are aligned with your brand.
  • Contact influencers and pay to give them shout-outs.

Promote content and link building

If you want to maximize the number of people who see your content, you need to promote it. Create good, easy-to-read content and then promote it diligently. Contact influencers and bloggers who are likely to approve your posts – those who are interested in your topics, write regularly, and are active in your niche.

Warm them up before you contact them. You can share their content, follow them, or whatever tactics you come up with. Use Buzzstream to get their email address and send them targeted emails, but don’t come across as pushy or intrusive.

It’s overwhelming to build links to all your pages at once and you won’t get the results you want. Instead, work hard on a few pages over a few months. Also, don’t try to get links from spam sites or bots. Instead, get links from authority sites that you trust.

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