How To Start An Online Shop And Get Sales On Day 1

Set up an abandoned shopping cart for emails

Many people abandon their shopping carts. That’s about $4.6 trillion in lost e-commerce sales. Some will get one email and buy, others will need three reminders before they move on.

Enable a post-purchase series

Once customers have bought from you, you have the opportunity to get feedback from them on how the sales process went and get them to buy more.

In your first email, send them a receipt, ask for feedback and make them an offer for their next purchase.

Once you’ve completed the sale, get a review of the product, and then send them a reminder of the offer you sent in the first email (if they haven’t already used it).

After a while, you can remind them about the product review they didn’t provide. In a few days, add another email alert and send another offer for products you think they will buy. Then send the discount reminder again in another email.

The key to making these emails work is the spacing between them. If you bombard them, they will be removed from your list. You don’t want that. It can take 40 days to go through the above-written order. No need to rush.

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