How To Raise Cats

baby cat

If you’ve ever adopted a kitten, you’ve probably wondered how cats are raised.

The good news is that a cat is a very intelligent animal and that it learns new habits in a very short time.

In fact, with a little urgency, cats can absorb commands sooner than a small dog.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are very clean animals and this should make it easier to work on some issues that, otherwise, would be more troublesome.

We tell you some tips so that living together becomes even more wonderful.

Cat breeding and positive reinforcement

In all the aspects that we are going to show you about your cat, you must understand that it is essential that you use positive reinforcement.

Use it every time your cat does something nice to teach him. Reward her.

But it should be at that exact moment so that he associates the gift with appropriate behavior.

This way, the animal will immediately associate this function and will try to do what you ask to get its reward.

Raising kittens to use a litter box

This is one of the main tasks when raising cats as the owners of one of these pets want to see them as soon as possible. Well, you should know that your anxiety is practically unnecessary.

A cat is a very independent animal and needs privacy to comfort itself.

In this case, the question is up to you. You should choose the right place so that your pet feels comfortable and the place is intimate.

To encourage this habit, which is normal for them, do not place a litter box near their food and water. They are very accurate.

Try to choose the right litter box for your cat and avoid placing it in a walking area where there is a lot of traffic that prevents your friend from easily reaching his litter box.

It is also not a good idea to make them difficult to reach by placing them in high or hard to reach places.

Try to leave your cat in the litter box every time he brings up one of his meals, this will help him associate the behavior with the action you want him to learn.

Clean the sand frequently, better if it is daily. Deep clean the litter box once a week.

Get rid of the dirty sand, wash the bowl with soapy water, and refill it with new sand.

How to train your cat not to bite

This is a habit that can become very uncomfortable. On many occasions, a cat may be bitten or scratched due to playing and accelerating too much.

If so, stop playing with her immediately. You must understand that if you use this tactic, there is no game.

Another very important reason is that the animal turns into a hunter mode. In this case, you should not scold him. It is obedience to primitive and inherited behavior.

If you notice your cat appears to be fishing, use one of those long sticks with string and a toy at the end.

Use balls and stuffed animals for cats so that the animal satisfies its instinct without harming anyone.

In no case, if your cat has bitten you, should you shout at her or splash her with water. It will only make the animal afraid of you.

Raising cats not to scratch your furniture

This habit can turn you upside down for a while and can ruin some of your favorite furniture.

Also, this is one of those habits that you should get rid of your cats as soon as possible.

If you picked it up as a kitten, you can encourage yourself to use one of these all-purpose scrapers. They tend to have a lot of trinkets, like a small playground and have a lot of fun.

If not, we are still on time. Of course, remember that the cat needs to scratch, this is another feature of its characteristics, which is to keep its nails sharp.

Orient yourself to his favorite thing. The piece of furniture that he seems most desired, attracts him, is attached to it, and destroys it.

If it’s a tall piece of furniture, remember that there are scratching toys of different heights, so you can choose the one that best suits the cat and your space.

But you can start with a simple vertical scraper and place it next to your favorite piece of furniture.

Place the cat in front of the scratching post as soon as you notice it starting to scratch the chosen piece of furniture. It is also a good idea to move the cabinet and leave the scraper in place.

Here positive reinforcement can work again. Give him some treats besides the scratch, and show him that this is a place where he can relax and have fun.

Pamper him in that spot more than in other places around the house. You’ll see how quickly he’ll love his scratcher.

How to train your cat not to climb on the table

In this section on how to raise cats, games can also be useful, and in conjunction with the scraper from the previous party, we recommend some games with platforms at different levels and a built-in scraper.

You have to do something because the cat is also a climber by nature.

In this case, you should use reason and patience again to teach your cat not to do something that you love and want to avoid.

As always, the easier it is to teach manners the younger your cat is. Of course, you should also cooperate, in principle by never leaving food on the table.

However, this is not the only reason why your pet can climb up to the table.

Cats are very curious, and the keys, a striking decoration…anything that can grab their attention and make them climb. The best thing, for your part, is that you try for a while to make sure that the tabletop is completely empty.

For a while, if you have a cat who is a bit stubborn, try placing some strips of aluminum foil on the table.

How to raise cats not to meow

When raising cats, the first thing to find out is if something has happened to your pet. Keep in mind that this is the only way your cat should tell you that she is sick.

If this is not the case, we will have to take action on this matter.

One of the reasons a cat meow is that it simply demands your attention.

In this case, the best thing you can do is the opposite. Don’t play with him, and don’t even look at him when he’s doing this.

The pet may be in a state of climax. Remember that sterilization spares the animal’s problems and all the setbacks that occur during this hormonal period.

If the cat is very young, it is normal for her to meow more frequently. Through him, he will ask you for food, water, and tenderness…

You have to know that the cat is a very stressful animal. You can get it because of a change of house, because you have to work and spend time alone, because of any kind of change in your routine…

In these cases, understanding is essential. Make sure to give your cat all the love in the world when you are at home.

Try to normalize your pet’s environment as quickly as possible and make it as similar as possible to the environment it was in before. When the stress is over, the cat will feel like new again and will stop meowing.

How to train your cat not to sleep on your bed

Some owners are pleased with the feeling of protection and affection that sleeping with their cats gives them.

In other circumstances (strong allergy, lack of space …), the pet should not share the bed.

You should make your cat realize that your bed is not a place for him to roam.

It won’t be easy, because these types of pets love to spend time lying down and sleeping on something clean and padded… Your bed meets all their requirements.

As if all this were not enough, pheromones also enter the game. The bed in which you sleep is saturated with your scent and this is a challenge for the cat.

When you see that he is going up to your bed or that he has already settled in, take him gently and lay him down on his bed.

An option for reluctant cats is to make noises with something unpleasant for them. When you see it at your convenience, shake the can with coins or something similar.

It is very important that the cat does not realize that the noise is made by you. They are very intelligent, you will immediately stop being afraid and their behavior will continue.

Another regimen is to move him and make him uncomfortable every time you see him sleeping in your bed. Do it persistently. This way, the cat will understand that this is not a good place to rest.

Finally, for the most stubborn, the best thing you can do is keep the bedroom doors closed.

We remember that this procedure is only for severe cases of allergies, as sleeping with them causes a great disturbance in the immune system of those who suffer from it and we must accustom the cat not to sleep for health reasons.

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