Burmese Cat. European and American?

Burmese cat

The Burmese cat is a unique breed of cat. This explains how, from its distant origins, it ended up expanding into all continents, especially America, at the beginning of the twentieth century.

10 qualities of a Burmese cat, which will make you know him better.

The distant origin of the Burmese cat

The Burmese cat is of distant origin. It is mentioned since the 14th century, in ancient Siam, modern Thailand.

From Burma, Dr. Thompson took a specimen to the United States, specifically to San Francisco, where he would begin to cross it until he achieved the exceptional traits of this breed of cat, already rare in itself.

There are two types of Burmese cats

There are currently two types of Burmese cats:

European or English Burmese cat

It is characterized by a broad and rounded skull head, a pronounced chin, and wide jaws. It has a tail that tends to taper.

American Burmese cat

It has a strong skull as well as round shapes. The muzzle is short and its chin is fixed. It usually has a cleft in the anterior nasal region. Its tail is broad and rounded.

Burmese cat. A strong cat with uniform traits

Certainly, due to the cross from which it arose, a cat with very round qualities was obtained, which makes it a very stylized animal.

The breed improvement of this cat has been recognized by the CFA (Brewers Association).

Even his muscles were praised, as they allow him to have such a particular body shape, making him a very powerful cat.

They lost recognition from CFA

The Breeders Association (CFA) came to withdraw its recognition of this breed, due to the complaint of many breeders, in the forties, to see this breed closer to Siamese cats and therefore considered weaker.

After trying to regain recognition for the CFA, this was achieved in 1953.

The Burmese cat loves company

The Burmese cat is very social. He loves to live with family and is very friendly with anyone who wants to get close to him.

Sometimes he is very playful, although he prefers to keep an eye on everything that is going on around him before engaging head-on.

Strangely, he can’t stand loneliness, so feel free to let him show you his disagreement if you leave him alone at home for too long.

A second cat that lives with him in the home environment is a very good choice and will make strong bonds of friendship.

In adulthood, he is very calm

As it grows, it tends to adopt an increasingly calm personality, although compared to other types of cats, it is.

In maturity, he will feel very comfortable when he is with his family, at the same time he would rather watch through the window than go out exploring the street.

For all of the above, it is necessary to monitor the amount of food he eats daily since they tend to be obese.

The peculiarity of their fur colors

The fur of the Burmese cat is very distinctive. You can find different shades, namely silver, blue, chocolate and brown.

As for the English type, other colors should be added, as for the previous ones.

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This is because of the cross they had, in this region, with Siamese cats of the red gene. This is how you find an orange or cream-colored Burmese.

Of note in this breed is its short fur which, at times, appears to be lacking, due to how close it is to the body.

Good health Burmese cat breed

One of the things that distinguish the Burmese cat is its longevity, as it easily ages 15 years.

This is due to the fact that their breeds are not exposed to dangerous diseases that are transmitted genetically, probably because of all the crosses that were made during the first half of the twentieth century and strengthened for this reason.

As mentioned earlier, upon reaching adulthood, it tends to gain weight. It is, therefore, necessary to monitor his diet and move him from time to time with playing games and activities.

A cat with basic care

You can predict, at this point, that the care that a Burmese cat needs is minimal.

Like any pet, you should take it for a review with your vet, so that the appropriate vaccinations can be applied.

Although she is a strong cat, we do not want her to get sick because we have not put the proper means in place for her.

In terms of aesthetic care, to get such short hair does not need to be combed often. At most, once a week is sufficient.

Regarding the bathroom, you already know that cats are not very friendly with water. So, you don’t have to force him to do much.

The Burmese cat is the perfect company for the whole family. It not only highlights its beauty and soft colors but also has an ideal character if its owner tends to be calm.

Longevity is another advantage to it, although monitoring with the help of a vet will always be necessary.

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