Best Male Cat Names And Their Meanings

In this post, we will tell you the best male cat names, original, gentle, and beautiful, according to their physical characteristics and all their meanings…

Let’s start with this list of male cat names, which received a high rate of votes

Original male cat namesKINO, Kyubi, Alpha, Flash, Apolo, Ratón, Oreo, Rayo
Short male cat namesAlan, Yael, Otto, Kuno, Max, Ian, Kai, Nic, Roi, Joe, Vito, Iker
Male naughty cat namesOrión, Leo, Khan, Rajin, Jade, Tabby, Kin, Elvis, Baboo, Nilo
Male cat namesNinja, Batman, Night, Dark, Shadow, Sauron, Kuro, Morito, Tizón,
Male royal cat namesSilver, Bolín, Amaru, Joel, Luc, Naim, Teo, Umi, Dorian, Adel

You’ll undoubtedly find a great variety here, and you certainly won’t leave without getting the perfect name for your cat, the new member of the family.

Below we start with the most original and beautiful male cat names and their meanings, depending on whether your cat is spotted, black, gray, yellow-orange, white…. Find the name you are looking for!

Male Royal Cat Names

We will always want our cats to have an original name, one that stands out for various reasons, either because they are exotic, or because they belong to some personality.

The first list of male cat names will be the names of the royal cats.

AldoThe Germanic name means “noble”.
AslanLike the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia.
Copo/ Copitolike snowflakes
DanteComes from the Latin meaning “enduring and resistant”
DracoIt means “dragon” in Latin.
FélixIt means “he who considers himself happy or lucky”.
GlotónPerfect if your cat eats a lot.
GokuLike the Dragon Ball character who is famous for his strength and courage.
GuidoIt means “a wooded valley”.
HamletIt is related to the Icelandic word amlodi, which means “crazy”.
HiroshiJapanese name that means “generous”.
IchiroJapanese name meaning “maiden”.
ImarPerfect for playful cats.
Khalilgood friend
KenjiJapanese name meaning “protector”
KentaJapanese name meaning “strong”
Luigilike snowflakes
MasakiJapanese name meaning “big tree”
MiloGermanic meaning “that’s nice”
NekkoJapanese word meaning “cat”
NerónOf Latin origin which means “strength”
Oliver‘This brings peace’
OttoGerman origin means wealth and great wealth.
SashaIt means “protector or victor of man.”
TenseiJapanese name meaning “clear sky”
Torameans “tiger”
TakaoJapanese name meaning “hero”

We know that finding the right name for a cat is not an easy task at all, because when we choose a name we want it to be special, in a beautiful sense, and without any doubt that it perfectly unites with the essence of a kitten.

A name is closely related to her character and qualities. A perfect name for her.

She should know how to choose correctly because remember that he will accompany her perfectly all her life, and the cat should easily understand her.

Cute Male Cat Names

If your male cat exudes tenderness and you would like to give him a name that represents that trait well, some names can make it happen, names with very beautiful meanings that will surely touch anyone’s heart.

Or simply names whose only pronunciation will make “Aww” pass through your head and those of others, here we leave you with some very different male cat names.

DaikiJapanese word meaning “glory”
GigilIt indicates the desire to squeeze or squeeze something very cool that you love.
IvoIt is of Germanic origin and means “glorious.”
KennyIt means “treasure”.
LoisThe name Galicia means “glorious warrior”
MakkiA Korean word that literally means “very small” meaning very cool
PiccoloIt means “little” in Italian, so what better name for your cat than this?
RaméIt comes from my mind and refers to something messy and precious at the same time
RoiThe meaning is “His great glory”.

Names For Male Tiger Cats

Tabby cats have the peculiarity that they have a coat with color combinations in the form of stripes or spots that give them a touch of tiger, that is, perhaps once we see this type of cat we can see it and say “Wow, it is a miniature tiger.”

It might be your cat. If your new cat has a nice coat and you want a name that matches it, here are some of them.

ChesterIt is of Latin origin and means “place of strength”.
KhanThe origin is Turkish and means “prince”.
LeoThe lion symbolizes the strength of this animal.
MishaA beautiful Hindu name that is adored by parents.
OriónThe nickname represents the star belt in the galaxy.
OttoIt means “the owner of wealth”.
RajahIt comes from Hindu Sanskrit and means “king”.
OlafOf Germanic origin, the etymological meaning of this name is German and means: “glorious”.

Orange Male Cat Names

There are many male cats with yellow-orange fur. Many types of cats have this color, of course, in different colors, some of them are very blond, while there are other breeds with shades that reach almost orange.

Cats with this fur color are simply beautiful, and many like them.

If your cat is this color and you still don’t know what name to give her, here is a list of the best orange cat names:

AkiIt means autumn in Japanese.
AlánIt means shiny.
AslanWhich means lion, there is no doubt that many cats of this color resemble small lions.
CarameloLike the original candy color.
Flaviomeans golden
HazelIt means hazelnut
HuangIt means yellow in Chinese
KinJapanese word meaning gold
MangoIt’s a really cool and fun name that goes great with the yellow fur.
OriolDerived from Latin, meaning gold

Black Male Cat Names

We cannot deny that black cats are precious, although many stupidly associate them, with misfortune, black fur is amazing and shiny.

There are even cultures in which the black cat is the complete opposite of bad luck.

If you have adopted a black cat and want to know what name to give it to, here are some suggestions

BorisIdeal for black Persian cats, as they are of Slavic origin and mean “big bear”
SombreIt means dark
OreoLike the delicious American cookies
SmokingThe tuxedos are black. It’s an original name
OmbreIt is the French translation of the word shadow
Negriminimize “black”
NilIn honor of Egypt’s beloved cats, who are said to be black
BatmanLike a superhero from Gotham City

Tricks To Understand Its Name

We have to inform you that cats take between 5 and 10 days to learn, recognize and acclimatize to their new name.

There is no doubt that you will have to be patient, waiting for the cat to begin to respond appropriately to the name you give it.

Some tricks to make it faster would be, to use it as often as possible, and call it often by the name of your choice.

You can also treat him with something or a treat every time he approaches you when you call him by his new name.

Many families choose to have a beautiful cat in their homes as pets, as a loyal companion, and friend.

And if this is your case, and you decided to receive a male cat and you still do not know how to call him, then there is nothing to worry about! Choose among all-male cat names, the one you like the most.

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