Bengal cat: is it a domestic or wild cat?

Bengal cat

We can give it to you like a house cat.
But let’s get to know the Bengal cat better, its character, its origin, its qualities and its curiosity. Shall we start?

Bengal cat, stylish and unique

They are hybrid cats, that is to say that the Bengal cat comes from the meeting of a domestic cat and a leopard cat (a cat of Asian origin) in 1963.

Bengal cat house

The Bengal cat is currently one of the most sought after and can only be obtained by purchasing it, but it is very important that if you make this decision, you always do so responsibly.

If you take this step and want to get a cat with these characteristics, you must do so in an official Bengal cat home such as Lepardland Bengal, with the best guarantees of purity and health.

Choosing the most beautiful breeds in the world, as well as taking great care of each cat’s health, should be the priority when looking for a place to buy your Bengal cat.

In addition, the terms of delivery of a Bengal kitten are very important; They must have an international passport with all up-to-date vaccinations, DNA analysis for congenital and viral diseases, a microchip, be registered and recognized at the Cat Association and of course, accompanied by their pedigree, guaranteeing purity and that the cat is really what it is. you buy.

You must take care of him and offer him a life full of tenderness, understanding and attention. It’s not negotiable.

That said, we are going to talk about the characteristics, personality, curiosity and care of the Bengal cat, shall we start?

Bengal cat fur

Her spotted coat is very unique and stunning in this cat. Hair that is soft, thin, thick and very short.

The colors range from ocher, orange to cream, passing through yellow and its spots, also called “pinks” of brown and dark tones. It has a black tail tip, spotted belly, and pads.

The origin of the Bengal cat

It’s because of the intersection between a native Asian leopard cat and a domestic tabby cat, getting the wild and adventurous side of the former, but the calm and closeness of the latter. The International Cat Association recognized it as a breed in 1991.

very special meow

Bengal cat has a very particular meow, different from any other domestic cat, shorter and closed, even resembling a big cat. He is prone to making weird or strange sounds.

Bengal cat: strong and adventurous character

The Bengal cat is above all a cheerful and strong personality that will always lead you to investigate and be active.

He loves to eat, requires work and attention, and adapts well to family life, even if his unruly side can sometimes push him into mischief.

They need more outdoor space than other house cats. Gets along well with cats and other pets.

Bengal cat’s relationship with water

Unlike many cats they love water and it is not uncommon to live outdoors, if they see a pond or wet area they will not hesitate to enter.

They are strong swimmers, no doubt a legacy of Asian tiger cats, and they are great hunters.

Bengal cat size

They are muscular cats with strong and graceful bones. Their hind legs are well developed and allow them to make great leaps.

Let’s not forget that it is a large cat due to its bony composition, so it would not be uncommon for it to weigh between 6 and 8 kilograms.

Little Bengal cat breeding

The Bengal cat does not require the same amount of care as the Persian cat or other breeds such as the Pharaonic cat.

With a good diet it will be enough, if he is rich in high quality protein, regular combing of his fine hair, lots of love and attention, especially playing with him because he loves to play.

Tiger cat

The shape of the head is round and delicately shaped at the tip, with a strong and wide jaw. Their ears are small, very similar to the ears of an Asian tiger.

The eyes of the Bengal cat are particularly beautiful, honey or almond-colored, all yellow, tending towards green.

This is the Bengal cat, a cat that retains the essence of wild genes, that demands affection and activity, and is ideal if it can also have an outdoor space where it can run, jump and play at will.

A cat that requires no more care than a short-haired cat, and if you take care of it and follow a good diet, it can live healthy and strong for many years.

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